!#$! The website and email accessibility issues have been resolved !#$! 



The Sharonville location is now closed. Don't go there. I'm not there anymore!


I will reopen for pick up and drop off of equipment on Monday November 30th at the Fairfield production shop.


I will have office hours starting @ 11am on Mondays through the end of the year

(Not very long)


I will then be running by appointment only for all service related operations. 


I am now in full scale production of some pretty sweet gear and fairly soon I'll be able to stock some music stores locally so the local crowd will be able to noodle and doodle while I stay busy working.  ---- Can I get an Amen! Yes Donkey You can... Amen! 


I do want to take every opportunity to thank the area musicians who helped me build my Brand into what it is today. You all were instrumental, I am indeed fortunate.

Fairly soon, the consolidated site for all three operations will be ToneAdvisor.Com and this site will just redirect there. However due to the complications of the web hosting buyout I don't think this will happen until early 16. They caused allot of trouble the last 3 weeks and I'm not on the hunt for more drama.  

Regardless, I will still be available for service work if you want me and my shop to do it. It will just be by appointment instead of constant store hours. The new shop will be ready for visitors after the Thanksgiving Holiday. 


I look forward to getting back into the swing of things after the accident and thanks for reading.



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