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---2016 was very much a transitional year of sorts for Chrome Dome. Adam was fortunate to survive an accident in the Fall of 2015 and it's been an interestingly complex and long road of healing, help and recovery ever since. He is certainly excited, as is the close knit group of friends who really comprise ChromeDomeAudio, to be taking these next steps in moving his operation forward as a dedicated amplifier manufacturer ---




Our All New Showroom located in Glendale, just north of Cincinnati proper,
Will be complete and enjoying its grand opening near the end of February/beginning of March 2017.
This location will showcase and offer for immediate sale and delivery every high end lifetime amplifier, cabinet, component, device or gadget produced by ChromeDomeAudio, LLC.  


A trip down memory lane means we'll be offering a selection of 2.0 channel vacuum tube Audiophile pieces to elevate your home listening digs to that of your guitar rigs. 
An intimate experience, built for your ears and pinning for your fingers, a boutique of cozy, irrepressible tone and electric joy. A who's who of style and flair, begging for you to plug in.






         Super Cub SC~23    Double Drive 38~DD    Tone Philosopher CB~22      Junior Deluxe      The Super Swank 


The Cub TC~11     Tone Philosopher VG~44            XB~7 Bass Cabinet(s)           Tone Philosopher 212 Guitar Cabinets 


The Turncoat          Super Tweed          Tweedy            Lyra             Bassman Double Drive              Double Drive Twin



Some eye candy below, pictures enlarge if you click them. 


The reconfigured website will be up live before the grand opening of the showroom.  

















Some simple shots of the VG~44 or gut shots.


Stereo 2U Power Amp (Intigrated) 




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