High End Tone Machines with PhD's in sheer Awesomeness!











         Super Cub SC~23    Double Drive 38~DD    Tone Philosopher CB~22      Junior Deluxe      The Super Swank 


The Cub TC~11     Tone Philosopher VG~44            XB~7 Bass Cabinet(s)           Tone Philosopher 212 Guitar Cabinets 


The Turncoat          Super Tweed          Tweedy            Lyra             Bassman Double Drive              Double Drive Twin



Some eye candy below, pictures enlarge if you click them. 



A peak inside the high gain Tone Philosopher CB~22 chassis. Adjustable cathode bias push-pull Class A operated 7591 finals, deliver a crushing 22 watts. 12AX7 based preamplifier. High voltage MOSFET based series effects loop with true bypass (Standard equip) 4/8/16 ohm outputs. 

High Gain Tone Philosopher CB~22 

















Some simple shots of the VG~44 or gut shots.



Stereo 2U Power Amp (Intigrated) 




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